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Handmade Tapestry Made in Barcelona.


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Little Catch Up


We are Chinchilla.

We love to knit imperfect fantasies for your happiness.

Find your perfect match and love it.

We are always looking forward to see you smiling, so don´t hesitate to say Hi! Chinchilla!

We never have a plan when we start a project, its all about fluent improvisation and it becomes something during the process.

We love that.

Our motto is "you need to go trough it to get to know it" so we keep the hard work with our eyes on the prize: unique hanging pieces to fill the spaces we admire



We understand tapestry as the art that puts together all the skills

We increase physical precision to get better builded pieces, focusing in every line of every design and looking constantly for new colour dyeing techniques; importing natural pigments from Morocco and testing some old chemical dyes too in order to get unique and lovely tones for our work.

We believe colour is our brand mark and it´s treated with love from top to bottom.

We take care of it!


"CHINCHILLA, precious tapestries and rugs made in Barcelona."


Things we love


Dogs, Woody Allen, non-tanned skin, pale eyes, trees, plants and flowers, all the beasts in nature, things that come from the heart, including fury. Long walks, Mexico, galaxies, Coppola´s, The Strokes, ginger on juices, kids with glasses, ancient cultures, strong and funny women, Formentera.