I´ve always been a big fan of the Spanish brand Bobo Choses. The fun and joyful elements in their designs is something  that you can also find in my world and it resonates as truth to me. I contacted them years ago to see if we could find a way to collaborate, and the perfect occasion appeared recently, at the beginning of 2024.

Bobo Choses was preparing to open its flagship store in a historic building in Rambla Catalunya and they were going make it a space decorated with exquisite taste,  full of art and fun. They were looking for a big tapestry to decorate a wooden counter. What an exciting project for me!

The design of the tapestry is an iconic Bobo image of 4 colorful masks. We had to research the best weaving technique and materials to weave the project and we found that pure wool from my favorite Andalusian provider and the knotting technique would be the best idea. Time flew as I spent hours and hours carefully crafting the textile piece in my big loom. The weaving resulted in a 160x 230 piece that you can now see in their store.

Selecting the Design

There were a couple of designs as options for the weaving, hard decisions to make but we finally went with this four colorful masks that reflect the brands identity. To weave a design into the warp ( see image that explains warp and weft) you have to first transfer the design into the scale needed. This meant carefully putting together 40 papers that would after be a reference behind the  loom.

Historically , tapestries have always been crafted  by putting cardboards behind the loom and then carefully transferring the image with yarns into the warp.  Nowadays we tend to print our designs. 

 Choosing Materials and Colors

Choosing the materials and colors was key for the project.  I love working with pure wool, specific wool that is for rug making, thats my favorite in the world. Its super resistant and easy to work with.  Bobo was super clear , decisive and easy for choosing the colors . If I have to make this kind of decision I can think about it non stop for days so its super cool when someone decides so quickly and clearly what they like .  

So yeah, now we we knew what kind of material and colours were going to be used for the project. I was super excited to start weaving.

 Preparing the Loom                                       

Before the weaving begins there’s still one more bit of preparation. Warping the loom.If you look carefully at the photos you will see the are strings of white cotton covering the loom in vertical, that is a warpin. I use cotton string to warp the loom, I had to test what thickness of cotton warp would work best and what distance between them would be ideal. This is a very important step for weaving, making sure the structure is going to work, that we are going to build on the best ground posible and theres always going to be a research before each commission is started. 

Hand-Knotting Technique

The tapestry was done using the hand knotted technique, which means exactly what you imagine, it was done knot by knot, everything went very smooth and good but when it came to perfect circles there were hours of practice so that the circles looked really round, sometimes passing a design from paper to weaving can be a bit tricky. And circles are a big issue, there  are a lot of chats between weavers sharing tips on how to do perfect circles, so in my little textile artist bubble weaving circles is an issue. Happy to say this circles ended up being perfect. Go to the shop and check them!

Dedication and Hard Work

There was a lot of hard work , lots of hours, starting super early in the morning and ending when the moon was out. The beautiful feeling at the end of the day of the body tired and the hands hurting. Doing what I love as an artisan, but also as a lover of design it was exciting to combine both of my passions . An enormous effort bringing to life an idea, making a vision and a dream come true

Seeing the Final Piece

The final moment was seeing the piece hanging in the wall of such a beautiful space, designed with love and full of carefully curated details. Its the kind of shop I would see as a kid in a trip to Paris and thought we would never have something like this in Barcelona. Also the kind of shop I would walk in as an adult and I fantasize with hanging some of my art there, one hundred per cent. Not any more my weaving, but for every person that walks into that space to enjoy. It was honestly a pleasure to weave and the client was just too good to be true, I made a conscious effort to flavor every little knot along the journey. 

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