I want a custom tapestry, what is the procedure?

Contact us and tell us your idea. If you have a design of your own, send it to us or not, let us send you references so that we can find a design together.
We will send you sketches and when you tell us we will start weaving!


How much does a custom tapestry cost?

On the one hand depends on how long it takes to do so. For this, the type of fabric we use and its thickness, as well as the level of complexity of the design itself, is decisive.
On the other hand depends on the size and quantity of colors that you decide to use, since they determine the price of the raw material that we will need.


Is it an exclusive design that you will never use again?

Of course, we think that design is for and for you and we would not think of using it again.
In addition, we love to change our designs!


Are shipping costs included?

It depends on where we have to send it since the prices vary a lot depending on the size and weight, but will be included in the budget that you must accept before starting to knit.



Can I wash my tapestry?

You can not use water for washing them because there is risk that it fades because they contain fabrics dyed by hand with natural pigments. We always ask to dry clean.


How and where do you weave?

We weave in our own house, in a big vertical tapestry. We take advantage of the first hours of the morning, or even the dawn and we put all our affection in every piece we weave.
First we select the wool we want to work with, and if we need any color in particular, we create it. From there the fun begins, we spend hours completing the composition carefully until a kind of bond with the work is created.
Each tapestry is a small piece of our heart.



How do you calculate shipping costs?

Our transport company invoices the shipments by weight, therefore, we see that it is only fair to add them in this way also in our store.

For orders between 0-5 kgs. We do not charge shipping costs.
For orders between 5-10 kgs. We apply an expense of 10.00 €.
For orders over 10 kgs. We apply an expense of 20.00 €


How do you ship the orders?

We always send our orders through specialized companies and complying with the highest safety and traceability standards. In Spain, you will have your order at home in 48 or 72 hours, and for the foreigner, depends on the destination.


What happens if the tapestry comes to me broken?

We carefully wrap each shipment and warn of the fragility of it. But in the event that it arrives broken you should send us a photo of the damaged article after receiving it (so that we can claim the transport company) and we will reward you with another piece of equal or lower value.