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Evening at the park

This tapestry is like a rainbow in the form of decor. With an explosion of colors, from soft hues to vibrant tones, each thread tells a unique story. Imagine a color palette that blends with sunlight, turning your room into a canvas of joy.

The combination of tight and loose knots creates a unique texture that is not only visually appealing but also tactically pleasing.

This piece is not just decorative; it tells a story. Inspired by ethnic weaving techniques, we added a modern twist to perfectly suit your contemporary lifestyle. It’s like bringing a piece of the world into your home.

  • Handmade.
  • premium materials ( wool, fine felted wool, recycled cotton, linen ribbon, merino roving, handpainted sari silk ribbon)
  • 48 x 43 cms ( counting the fringe ) / 19 x 17 inches ( counting the fringe )
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