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The tapestry school is located in the Putxet neighborhood in Barcelona, at the Taller de Tallers premises, Padua Street 95. It is a studio where you can come to learn to weave professionally but always with a modern approach, honoring tradition while allowing ourselves to be guided by intuition and experimenting.

All levels are welcome; if you have never woven on a high loom, here you can learn from scratch. I will teach you how to set up the loom with the warp and various techniques so that you can weave your own designs. If you already know how to weave and are looking for a space to continue learning and practicing, you can have access to a loom and my guidance here.

Schedule and Prices

The school is open on Mondays and Saturdays in the morning (10 am to 1 pm) and Wednesday afternoons (18 to 21).

Classes operate with vouchers. Each voucher is equivalent to a three-hour session, and you can purchase 4 vouchers for 90 euros. You have three months to use them from the moment of purchase. Once you start working on your project on a large loom, there must be a commitment to attend a minimum of one class per week (four sessions per month).

You can choose the day that suits you best to come, always notifying with a minimum of 24 hours to ensure that there is space for everyone.

Private Classes and Weekends

The option of private weekend classes is always available. We can organize a group for you, a minimum of 4 people, and it costs 60 euros per person. A 4-hour session where you will learn to set up the loom and the basic stitches and knots. You will take home a small piece woven by you and an online course to continue learning from home.

Mastering Your Tapestry Weaving Techniques

Artistry Unleashed: Explore Your Creative Potential at Tapestry School

Our courses empower both beginners and experienced tapestry weavers to hone their skills and unleash their artistic potential. Learn the art of creating beautiful wall hangings, personalized tapestries, and custom tapestries that reflect your unique style.

Explore the basics of tapestry weaving with expert guidance. Learn how warp and weft threads work together to bring designs to life. Our instructors will lead you through the weaving intricacies, helping you master techniques for crafting beautiful wall tapestries.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced weaver, our classes accommodate all skill levels. Moreover, it offers a supportive space for learning and creative exploration.

At Tapestry School, we emphasize hands-on learning, allowing you to weave a tapestry from conception to completion. Explore various materials, experiment with different weft yarn, and learn to design and create your own print tapestries. Our curriculum blends tradition with innovation. This ensures that you grasp the foundations of tapestry weaving and discover your unique voice in this timeless art form.

Join our community of tapestry weavers at Casa Chinchilla’s Tapestry School and unlock the door to endless possibilities. Our courses provide the guidance and inspiration you need to turn your artistic vision into woven reality.

Preserving the Art: A Glimpse into Tapestry Learning Then and Now

Tapestry weaving, an ancient art form, has witnessed a fascinating evolution in learning techniques. In the past, knowledge passed through generations with masters teaching hands-on in a traditional way. Today, modern technology has transformed the landscape, offering aspiring weavers a wealth of online resources and interactive platforms.

Historically, tapestry learning was an intimate affair, with seasoned artisans guiding novices through every intricate step. The transfer of skills occurred in close-knit communities, fostering a sense of cultural preservation. Fast forward to the present, where the internet acts as a global classroom.

Enthusiasts can access tutorials, join virtual workshops, and connect with fellow weavers worldwide. The digital era has democratized tapestry education. This made it accessible to anyone with a passion for this timeless craft to create their own tapestry.

Despite the shift towards digital platforms, there is a shared commitment to preserving the tradition of tapestry weaving. Online courses now preserve traditional tapestry techniques that were once passed down orally.

This modern method keeps the rich heritage of tapestry art alive. It adjusts to the new generation’s needs and protects the essence of this ancient craft.

Innovations in Tapestry Materials

Tapestry weaving has evolved over time, and one key aspect of this evolution is the constant innovation in materials. Modern weavers are exploring new materials to enhance their creations and push the boundaries of traditional techniques.

In recent years, the introduction of synthetic fibers has evolved tapestry weaving. These materials, like acrylic and polyester, offer weavers a broader color palette and increased durability. Synthetic materials also provide resistance to fading and wear, ensuring that tapestries maintain their vibrant appearance over time.

Metallic threads have become another exciting innovation in tapestry materials. Weavers now incorporate these threads to add a touch of shimmer and texture to their designs. Gold, silver, or copper threads add a modern touch to traditional tapestries. This makes them visually stunning and unique works of art.

Environmentally aware weavers now prefer eco-friendly materials like organic cotton, bamboo, and recycled fibers. These choices enable artists to make beautiful tapestries while reducing their environmental impact.

These innovations not only expand material options but also support the sustainable growth of tapestry weaving. Embracing these advances helps the art form flourish, providing limitless creative possibilities.

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